Born in Chiba Japan, educated in the United Kingdom. Studied Information Graphics at Harrow College of Art and then worked my way from a B/W processor to printer, printing for photographers, magazines and advertising agencies in a small custom B/W lab in London.

Started a studio in London shooting for magazines, catalogues and advertising agencies before leaving to live in Port Au Prince, Haiti for 3 years at The Grand Hotel Oloffson.

Moved to Manhattan and had a studio in Chelsea, then moved downtown to Tribeca. After the first World Trade Center bomb in the garage, I moved to St John in the United States Virgin Islands and commuted to the US for assigments, eventually moving to Santa Barbara, California. Available for both personal and commercial work.

Website Design and Photography
Jamie Grace meeks - Artist
JunnocoBijoux -handcrafted jewelry by Enjil
Chef Leslie Pollock
Critters in Need